After a course in hotel business of 18 years, Patricia FAYADA uses the Relaxation to return to the sources of its development.
She then left his position as Director to improve its faculties of Relation Help and Assistance in the Field of Welfare.

- Certified Relaxologue from Relaxation Creative and Dynamic
- Relaxologue Teacher in Biosynergie 
- Certified from The International Federation Relaxology ( International Certificat)
- Masso-Relaxinésie Wellness Practitioner 
- Member of the French Federation of Massage Wellness
- Graduate to Reiki 1st and 2nd degree
- Advisor in Nutripuncture
- Reflexology Plantar Practitioner


    Since 12 years, Patricia FAYADA assists people in Individual Sessions or Workshops Group to a moment of Resourcing,
    Education of a Wellness or a Transpersonal Development.


« I started Reflexology sessions in the hope reduce my stress state and especially with back problems.
This is a sort of "scan" of each foot followed by an analysis of the situation.

This is really exceptional, Patricia was able really target the pain I had and explain the organs that were "weakened".
In each session, I felt a deep relaxation, a kind of hypnotic state that brings a lot of energy throughout the body.
Always pleasant, relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

5 sessions, Patricia was able to get back upright. The idea is not to wait to be burnt to consult,
but to practice once a month a session of Plantar Reflexology.

This technique thus contributes to a healthy lifestyle to protect body and mind daily annoyances.

I thank Patricia for her great attention to me.
I really loved our great conversations. You have not only helped me in my body but also a great moral support.
Thank you. »

Sylvie L.
January 2015