The Natural Heath Coaching begins with Listen and the Discovery of the person through a Discovery Energy Balance.
This "inventory" then allows using different programs, Make Living and 
Teach a method of Wellness, and to Accompany a better Autonomy.


This Pedagogy of the Wellness has for objective to propose a synergy of personalized actions
to help regain an overall balance on the physical plan, emotional, mental and energetic.


In a period of Transformation, these are the Paths that accompany into the passage of Problematic towards the realization of a Project. 


Balance Sheet Discovery Energetics


Debriefing from specific questions.
2 h 00 listen deep to collect the person on plans :

Physical - Emotionnal - Mental - Energetic

Sessions Preparatory


This intermediate session Start allows to clearly state the situation of the person, make some tests to present the most appropriate of Natural Health Coaching solutions.

Balance Energetics Program


Energy work from the method of Nutripuncture.





Energetics & Health Capital Program


Learn to Live in harmony with itself and not Survive.


Anti-Stress & Health Capital Program


Learn to Relax


Coaching of Being and Life Program


10 sessions
Biosynergie: Technical education of natural Wellness.
It is a work of Transpersonal Development that fits the specific needs of each.

- Find and Protect Your Capital Health
- Stimulate the body in a natural way
- Reduce the impact of Stress
- Develop a Healthy Living
- Learning to Relax and live better with your body
- Improve your Quality of Life and Relationship
- To Discover and foster the Development of its Resources