10 sessions
Biosynergie: Technical education of natural Wellness

Objective :

- To Discover
- Modulate the perception of his own life to become the Author and Actor
- Take the distance more quickly face a difficult event
- Foster the development of its resources and its potential
- Improve their quality of life, personal and professional relationships
- Give meaning to his life
- Develop its full autonomy
- Projection, new growth stock
- Achieve its objective
- Realize his dream
- Learning to relax
- Mobilize its energies to the development of self-esteem and well-being

Content :

- Define the difficulties and expectations
- Accompaniment Psycho-Corporal building on Relaxation Creative & Dynamic
- Work Vittoz
- Developing a Life Plan
- Project Life: Balancing the 5 Pillars of Wellness
(Health - Emotional - Social - Time - Finance)