Objective :

- Find and protect its health Capiltal
- Stimulate the organism in a natural way

Content :

- Nutripuncture

The Nutripuncture

Principle :

Combination of different Nutri be taken during 3-4 weeks..


This is the result of many years of French research.

The Nutripuncture is based on the principle of Acupuncture and knowledge to work in Molecular Biology since 1985 from Natural Nutrients energy compounds Sugar and Oligo Elements dynamized.
They act on our vital currents permeating our body through the meridians (Circuits info).

The cells communicate with each other via the membranes to sharing an electromagnetic informations.
The Oligo Elements in Nutri stimulate these cellular exchanges.

Thereby regulating cellular activity, Nutri contribute to the balance Psycho-Physical (brain pole/ metabolic), they strengthen and
they cleanse the land (Prevention, Control / Oxidative Stress).

The action is focused on a sector of ​​the body. Nutripuncture prevents the seasonal disorder.

No addiction, no side effects or cons-indications. Good for pregnant women, babies and children.
Compatible with any medical treatment.


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